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Spray Tanning

Want to look tanned before you go on holiday? Or for that special event?  Romsey's Call of Beauty offers Sunescape spray tanning, with the full range of Sunescape aftercare products.

Sunescape Spray Tans  -  Born in Bondi, Made in Australia

Get yourself a beautiful natural looking tan with Sunescape spray tanning, available in three different shades.

Sunescape Tanning  Weekend in Bondi


"Where Have You Been?"

For those with pale skin, ‘Weekend in Bondi’ will provide a subtle, sun kissed tan, great for a winter pick-me-up to put a glow back in your cheeks, or even for those bronzed bunnies wanting slightly more depth to their own natural tan. A perfect choice for brides, bridesmaids, first-time tanners or guys that don’t want their mates to know they’ve had a fake tan!

Sunescape - Week in Fiji spray tan
A more noticeable bronze, ‘Week in Fiji’ will give an instant self-esteem boost and have you looking 5kgs lighter! Your teeth will look whiter, eyes clearer and skin flawlessly bronzed. Our most popular colour, this ‘destination’ will give you a natural, healthy, holiday tan that is suitable for most skin tones and great for any occasion.

Sunescape - Month in Maui
As the name suggests, ‘Month in Maui’ will develop into a deep, dark bronze and have you looking like you’ve enjoyed an extended, sun-soaked holiday. If you want a dramatic result, along with a major confidence boost, this is your colour! Offering a noticeably deeper bronze, this shade is great before a beach holiday, or during summer when most people have quite a bit of colour.