Semi Permanent Makeup

What is Semi Permanent Makeup? 

Semi Permanent Makeup is a treatment that involves the placement of pigment into the superficial layers of the skin, to mimic standard makeup.  Once healed it is waterproof and long lasting, ideal for active lives, sports people and busy people who don’t want to spend lots of time applying.  For those who struggle to apply even, consistent  makeup it is a welcome alternative.


The pigments used are Cosmetic Tattoo Pigments, not the same as the pigments for standard tattooing. They are designed to be placed in the uppermost layers of the skin, which means they will fade more quickly.  How long it last will depend on your lifestyle, more sun exposure means they will not last so long, your skin type and the colours used.  The pigments are designed not to be permanent as over a period to time things change, styles, face shape and hair colour.  What might suit you as a thirty year old, might not look quite the same on a sixty five year old.  As the pigments fade it is possible to top up and adapt the colour and shape to suit the changes in your life.


Call of Beauty offers two different types of Semi Permanent Makeup – SPMU. Micro-pigmentation (Semi Permanent Tattoo) or Microblading.

Micro-pigmentation - (Semi Permanent Tattoo) or Microblading?

There are lots of discussions as to which is better, but essentially they achieve the same goal, to implant pigment in the skin. Typically microblading is used on the eyebrows, whilst Micro-pigmentation is more commonly used on all areas, eyebrows, lips and eye-line. The pigment will fade over a period of time, and may need to refreshing, but can be evident for three to five years, or even longer on the eye-liner, because its a often dark or black pigment, and is less exposed to the sun.  Lifestyle and skin type both effect the longevity of the pigment.

Eyebrows created with Microblading will typically need to have a refresh after 9-12 months, whilst Micro-pigmentation is 12-18 months. Lips can be done with a Lip Line, and a Blush, and would need a top up after 2-3 years.  Eye-line often lasts for 4-5 years.  Often