The Strawberry Lift
What is the Strawberry Lift. It is a new treatment introduced by Laser Lipo Ltd. It gives instant results, for non invasive double chin reduction, to improve both a reduced chin line, and a smoother more toned jawline. It is a pain-free procedure with no down time.


Results last approximately 18 months
Patented technology, Strawberry Lift has been designed to combat cheek definition, lift and tighten the neck and facial jowls. The first non -invasive treatment that gives instant results.

The pain-free treatment helps reduce fat cells and works to form new collagen; lifting and tightening the skin with incredible long-lasting results.

How Much Does it cost?

Strawberry Laser Lift

The number of treatments required can be assessed at your first treatment session, but typically two or four sessions are needed.
One Session£375.00
Two Sessions£575.00
Four Sessions£1000.00

The interval is a minimum of two weeks between treatments. Come and talk to us for a free consultation.