Waxing Treatments

Whether you are a seasoned waxer or new to waxing the team at Call of Beauty are experienced and able to make your treatment as comfortable, pain free and effective as possible. We offer a combination of hot (hard wax) for sensitive delicate areas such as face, bikini or underarms to strip (or warm wax) for larger areas such as legs, arms, back or chest.

Hot wax is particularly affective for more sensitive areas due to the nature of this style of wax. Warmed to a higher temperature to melt the wax then cools after application and shrinks around the hairs in the follicles giving greater hair adhesion and therefore removal whilst being gentle and caring to delicate skin. Our favourite wax is Caronlabs Brazilliant hot wax fragranced with Mandarin Blossom and hint of Wild Lavender.

Strip waxing is used for larger areas using Caronlabs Brilliance wax with essence of coconut, this is perfect for keeping your skin calm and happy whilst effectively removing unwanted hair whether fine or course.

All of our waxing products have been hand selected for efficiency, results and quality. The range is developed and created in Australia where all raw materials are sourced from ethically 5 star suppliers ensuring that all ingredients are sustainably farmed. None of their items have ever been tested on animals.

When attending your appointments it is best to wear loose clothing and avoid exercise, perfumed products or heat in the area for 24-48 hours. Daily moisturising will help keep your skin hydrated and feeling smoother for longer. It’s advised that a week after your waxing you should begin exfoliating your skin 1-2 times a week to take away any dead dry skin. Exfoliating in the run up to your next appointment will help the wax adhere to the hair and remove it easier. This will also reduce any outbreaks or ingrowing hairs.


Using a 2019 award-winning wax system from Australia with specialised waxes to suit all skin and hair types.
Full Leg£20
Full Legplus Bikini£25
Full LegPlus UnderArm£25
Half Leg£15
Half Legplus Bikini£20
Half LegPlus UnderArm£20
Half Arm£11
Lip or Chin£5
Lip and Chinfrom£8
Lower face£10