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Bio Sculpture Gels Nails

Bio Sculpture Gel nails, using the very best in UV gel nail enhancements. Bio Sculpture creates a flexible, thin, strong, natural looking coating on the nails, that supports the naturail nail and protects growth.  The gel is very versitile, and can be used to repair and rebuild broken nails, including toe nails.  We can also use Bio Sculpture for a full set on Nail Extensions.

We have a very wide colour range with over 150 different colours, plus an even wide range of glitter enhantsments and chrome effects.  We also offer nail art and stamping paterns as well.  UV Gels offer the added advantage of being completly dry and set when finshed, so need to to wait for them to dry.  Typically our clients will find that they will last for three weeks, some like to have them don two weekly, although some can go four weeks between applications.

Bio Sculpture Gels

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Nail Art
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£10 (free when re-applying)