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Wellness Testing - Test Don't Guess

With the rapid emergence of self-testing, is widely believed that we are on the precipice of a new era of testing for a range of health and wellness related issues.


Our rapid point-of-care, laboratory biomarker, DNA and epigenetic testing can play a key role in monitoring specific aspects of your health and wellness. They check a variety of health characteristics and provide key insights into vital areas. These insights can help empower you to plan your personal health and wellness journey, our qualified wellness practitioners are there to support you along the way.

Test Don't Guess

Our Testing Services

Rapid Point of Care

In Vitro Diagnostics (IVDs)

Our general wellness IVD tests require a sample, such as blood droplets taken from the human body through a finger-prick or a swab sample taken from the nose and/or mouth, added to an IVD with a buffer solution. In addition, some require a urine sample tested using a urine dipstick. These types of test are most commonly used by those with diabetes to check their blood sugar (blood glucose) levels, but can also be used in other home use rapid self-test kits such as those used to indicate vitamin deficiencies, allergies and covid antigen testing.


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Laboratory Biomarker Testing

A wide range of more indept tests

Choose from a wide range of laboratory test.  These usually require a finger prick blood sample, taken in our clinic.  It’s then sent to the accredited lab, with the results made available within two working days of arriving at the lab.


Tests include base line, body funtion, hormone and nutrition tests.



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DNA and Epigentic +
Laboratory Testing

Heritage, ancestory and health profile

You can’t change the past – but you can change your future with one easy saliva sample that gives the most conclusive DNA health profile available! Approximately 2000 genes encode for our unique identity and body make-up. Some define our external characteristics such as height, the colour of our eyes, and the shape of our nose. Whilst others (approximately 1000) define our internal body make-up such as: • How we metabolise foods 

• Convert micronutrients 

• Muscle strength 

• Stamina 

• Athletic gifts 

• Injury risk 



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