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Aesthetics - Beauty - Micropigmentation

Call of Beauty Price List - Treatment Menu

Browse through the Treatment Menu and see just what great value we are able to offer at Call of Beauty. We don’t claim to be the cheapest, but we do strive to give the best quality of service, and the best value on these effective treatments.

Bio Sculpture Nails

Using the very best in gel nail enhancements, Bio Sculpture creates a flexible, thin, strong, natural looking coating on the nails. Bio Sculpture Gel Nails typically last for three weeks on the fingers, and 6-8 weeks on the toes.

We have a wide range of colours and finishes including gloss, matte, chrome, glitters and shimmers.

Nail Fix per nail£5
Soak Off(free when re-applying)£12.50

Manicures & Pedicures

These pampering treatments include soaking, nail shaping, cuticle work, massage and finishing varnish.
Pedicure also includes exfoliation and foot filing.
Quick FixDeluxe
Elim Pedicure£35
Gel instead of Polish+£16.50
File & Polish Only£15
French/Nail Art+£5


Using a 2019 award-winning wax system from Australia with specialised waxes to suit all skin and hair types.
Full Leg£22
Full Legplus Bikini£31
Full LegPlus UnderArm£29
Half Leg£17
Half Legplus Bikini£26
Half LegPlus UnderArm£24
Half Arm£13
Lip or Chin£6
Lip and Chinfrom£10
Lower facefrom£12

Eyelash Extensions – Classic Style

To extend your own eyelashes. This treatment will apply between 60 – 100 individual eyelashes per eye. Can be topped up every 3-4 weeks to maintain a full look
Full Set(90mins)£45
Top Up(60 mins)£30

Eyelash and Brows

To achieve a more dramatic look, try a tint or list to define and create depth, can last for 4-6 weeks. Patch test required 24 hours prior to treatment.
Eyelash Tint£15
Eyebrow Tint£7.50
Eye TrioLash tint, brow tint & wax£25
Lash Lift & TintNEW£32
Henna Brows (inc wax)£32
Brow Lamination £25
Yellow or White Gold Ball3mm£27.50
Yellow or White Gold Ball4mm£29.50
Crystal Stone Studs3mmFrom£34.50
Bezel with crystal3mmFrom£32.50
Daisy6 stoneFrom£37.50

Occasion Make-Up and Bridal Make-Up

Using high quality mineral make-up the Youngblood range is suitable foe all skin types including hyper-sensitive skin.
Occasion Make-Up(including trial)£55
Make-up Workshop£5060 minutes

SPMU – Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Semi-Permanent cosmetic tattooing can enhance your natural features, helping you wake up feeling beautiful. Results last typical 2-5 years, but regular top-ups are recommended for best results. The price is for two treatments 4-6 weeks apart.
Eyelinertop and/or bottom£175+
Lipsline and/or blush£225
Top-upssingle treatment£125
Saline Tattoo Removalfrom£50
Laser Tattoo Removalfrom£40


B.I.A.E. registered and licensed, treatments for permanent hair removal.
20 mins£20
30 mins£30
60 mins£50

Transgender Electrolysis

Specialist treatment, suitable for all areas. Consultation recommended for advice and prices. NHS funded clients welcome. Lydia Dalton is B.I.A.E. registered and licensed, treatments for permanent hair removal.
60 mins£50

ACP – Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

Treatment/Removal of skin tags, warts & verrucas, thread veins, blood spots, milia, moles, cycts and age spots using electrolysis.

15 minute consultation required.
Consult + Home Care KitRequired£10
15 mins£30
30 mins£45

IPL – Lynton Laser Lumina

Featuring IPL and Nd:Yag hand pieces for effective, comfortable treatment for hair removal, thread vein, acne, pigmentation and skin rejuvenation.

A consultation and patch test is required. a course of treatments will be required.
Upper Lip£25
Lip & Chin£40
1/2 Face Bikini Line, Under ArmOr similar size area£55
1/2 Leg or 1/2 Arm£80
Full Leg£160
Chest or Back£130

Strawberry Laser Lift

The number of treatments required can be assessed at your first treatment session, but typically two or four sessions are needed.
One Session£375.00
Two Sessions£575.00
Four Sessions£1000.00

Wrinkle Treatments

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles or to reduce sweating. Requires a face to face consultation prior to treatment.
One area£180
Two areas£200
Three areas£220
Full face or underarm£250


Using the DermaQuest collections to deliver luxury care, with botanical stem cells, peptides, vitamins and hydration to pamper your skin. Courses available.
Mini Facial(30 mins)£25
Perscriptive(60 mins)£39
Resurfacing Treatmentsfrom£49
Derma RollerP.A.O.
Microdermabrasion Facial30 minutes£32
Microdermabrasion Deluxe60 minutes£47

Wellness Testing – Rapid Point-of-Care Tests

In Vitro Diagnostics (IVDs)
IVD test typeSpecimenResult Time (mins)FormatPrice
Vitamin D rapid testBlood10Cassette£25
Allergy rapid testBlood5Cassette£25
Iron rapid testBlood5Cassette£25
Thyroid rapid TestBlood10Cassette£25
Tetanus rapid testBlood5Cassette£25
HIV rapid testBlood10Cassette£25
Celiac rapid testBlood10Cassette£25
Prostate rapid testBlood5Cassette£25
C-Reative Protien rapid testBlood5Cassette£25
Ferritin rapid testBlood5Cassette£25
COVID-19 Antigen rapid testOral Fluid15Cassette£25
Strep A rapid testOral Fluid5Cassette£25
Drug rapid testUrine5Cassette£25
Menopause FSH rapid testUrine3Dipstick£25
Menopause FSH rapid testUrine3Cassette£25
Kidney rapid testUrine5Cassette£25
UTI rapid testUrine2Strip£25
UTI rapid testUrine2Cassette£25

Wellness Testing – Rapid Laboratory Tests

Blood prick sample sent to accredited lab
Results returned within 2 days of sample arriving at lab
Test TypeTestingPrice
Baseline Plus A general health blood test that checks bone health, heart, liver and thyroid function, energy levels, and nutrition.£144
Female Hormone MappingCheck fertility, hormone imbalance or hormone-related conditions with our ground-breaking hormone mapping test.£174
Female Hormone ImbalanceThis single-day test gives a simple snapshot of your key female hormones along with thyroid function.£134
Male HormoneOur male hormones test checks key health markers that could be causing low energy, mood changes and loss of sex drive.£134
Tiredness & FatigueTired all the time, exhausted, or fatigued? Our test checks thyroid function, along with key vitamins that contribute to energy production.£130
PerimenopauseUnderstand if symptoms you’re experiencing could be due to perimenopause with our ground-breaking hormone mapping test.£174
MenopauseFor women who have reached menopause. Checks key hormones, thyroid function, bones and heart health.£164
Female FertilityWhether you’re thinking of trying for a baby or are struggling to conceive, we’re here to help with our fertility test.£179
Advanced EnergyOur Advanced Energy Blood Test checks a more comprehensive range of biomarkers to help identify or rule out causes of low energy.£182
Vitallity – Advanced Health CheckA comprehensive health test that checks bone health, heart, liver and thyroid function, energy levels, nutrition, and immune & hormone health£229
Ultimate Health CheckAdvanced health test that checks heart, liver, kidney, thyroid, and muscle function, nutrition, immune health, hormones and more.£444
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)Check if symptoms such as irregular periods, acne, and excessive hair growth could be due to PCOS.£154
AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone)Our AMH blood test checks your ovarian reserve. Useful for women going through IVF treatment.£144
Pregnancy NutritionOur Pregnancy Nutrition test will check that your diet is giving you everything you need to support your energy levels and a growing baby.£144
Progesterone BloodOur progesterone test will confirm if ovulation has occurred and is taken on day 21 of your menstrual cycle.£89
Oestrogen BloodMonitor your oestrogen levels with our at home finger prick blood test.£85
TestosteroneCheck your total testosterone levels that could be affecting muscle strength, energy, libido, and mood.£84
Advanced ThyroidTest thyroid function and check for thyroid autoimmune conditions with our advanced thyroid blood test.£114
Thyroid Blood TestOur thyroid blood test can check if your symptoms could be related to a thyroid condition.£114
Vitamin Deficiency TestLooking to improve your diet and get a better understanding of your overall health and nutrition?£94
CholesterolIf you’re concerned about your heart health, our cholesterol home blood test is an easy and accurate way to check your levels.£86
HbA1cOur HbA1c blood test is for anyone wanting to check for pre-diabetes, or managing type-2 diabetes.£87
Liver FunctionCheck your liver function and understand your risk of developing liver disease with our at home liver health test.£94
Immune HealthFeeling run down or always getting sick? This test will help identify if your immune system is functioning properly.£94
CRP (hs-CRP)Our high sensitivity CRP blood test can assess the amount of inflammation within the body.£85
Vitamin DDo you often feel tired or rundown? These could be signs of a vitamin D deficiency. Check your vitamin D levels with our home blood test.£91
Vitamin B12Check if your low energy and fatigue could be due to a lack of vitamin B12 with our Active B12 home blood test.£91
CortisolOur cortisol test will help identify if stress is causing symptoms such as fatigue, poor sleep or mood changes.£85
FerritinIf you’re feeling tired all the time and low on energy you could be suffering from low iron levels. Check with our ferritin blood test.£85
Female FitnessIdentify the cause of poor sports performance, low energy or frequent injury with our Female Fitness home blood test.£165
Advanced Female AthleteOur ground-breaking female hormone mapping test is for female athletes recovering from RED-S, or who have suffered from no periods.£174
Male FitnessOur Male Fitness home blood test can help identify the cause of poor sports performance, low energy or frequent injury.£165
Build Your OwnBuild your own test that’s specific to your health needs, choosing from our wide range of health markers.
Single injectionCourse
Vitamin B12£30£125 for 5
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin B7

Crystal Clear Microdermabrassion

Deep exfoliation. Excellent for instant rejuvenation, fine lines, acne scaring and pigmentation. Courses available.
Facial(30 mins)£32
Deluxe(60 mins)£47


Revive and relax using our range of massage treatments
Back, Neck and Shoulder(30 mins)£30
Full body massage(60 mins)£50
Deep Muscle Massage(60 mins)£60
Indian Head Massage(30 mins)£30
Hot Stone half body massage(45 mins)£45
Hot Stone full body massage(75 mins)£60

HiFu Treatments

HiFu Treatments using the latest High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound systems
Facial From(60 mins)£70
Body From(60 mins)£100
Vaginal Rejuvenation£150

Spray Tanning – Sunescape

Safe, sunless tanning from Sunescape, gives a long lasting, ultra-moisturising tanning solution.
Half Body£20
Full Body£28

Sun Bed Tanning – Ultrasun 8000

Fitted with the latest Collagen activating “pink” bulbs, this sunbed not only helps to give a fabulous tan, but also collagen sunbeds can help to strengthen the structure of the skin, as it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin responsible for maintaining proper skin hydration, firmness and elasticity.

Maximum 15 minutes per session, 48 hours between treatments. Keep an eye out for course discounts!
Per 3 Minute token£2.50
30 mins course£22.50
60 mins course£42
90 mins course£58.50